Customers that may have problems, suggestions, questions, or any other concerns about their water service being provided by Suburban Water, Inc., are encouraged to contact us at 913-724-1800. Our support staff will be able to answer questions and/or address any concerns or problems that a customer may be having with their water service.

If our support staff is unable to resolve their concerns, a customer may submit a complaint with the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). The KCC has established two procedures to address problems between public utilities and their customers. The first procedure is informal.

An informal complaint may be filed with the KCC by contacting the Consumer Protection Office of the KCC either by phone or in writing. Informal complaints should be directed to:


Consumer Protection Office

1500 S.W. Arrowhead Road, Topeka, KS 66604-4027

Phone : 1-800-662-0027

Once, the KCC staff has received an informal complaint they will gather the necessary information regarding the complaint and then contact our office to conduct an investigation. The KCC will work with the customer and Suburban Water, Inc. in an attempt to resolve the matter. Informal complaint can usually be resolved in a timely manner via telephone.

In the event that the informal complaint procedure is unable to provide a satisfactory resolution for the customer, you may then file a formal complaint. A formal complaint must be in writing. The forms and instructions for the formal complaint procedure may be obtained from the KCC’s Public Affairs and Consumer Protection Office.