Effective October 1st, 2013

Minimum Water Charge $20.00 for the first 1000 gallons.

Water Charge after first 1000 gallons is $8.00 for every 1000 gallons thereafter.

Water Protection Fee of 3.2% of the total gallons used per every 1000 gallons.

Basehor Franchise Fee of 5.0% of the total Water Charge.

Basehor Franchise Fee is only assessed to customers within Basehor City Limits

Example of how a Suburban Water, Inc. bill is calculated if a customer used 5000 gallons

Gallons Formula Amount
Min Water Charge $20.00 1000

Water Charge $32.00 4000 (4000gal/1000gal)*8.00= $32.00
Water Protection Fee $0.16
(5000gal/1000gal)*3.2%= $0.16
Basehor Franchise Fee $2.47
($29.32+$20.00)*5.0%= $2.47

Total Bill $54.76 5000

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