New Water Service Connection Charge

The new service connection charge covers the cost of materials, labor and overheads for the tap at the water main, and the materials for the meter and meter pit. Cost varies based on the connection type and meter size.

New Water Service Connection Fees

Meter Size


5/8 inch meter, 1 inch service


1 inch Meter, 1 in service


1 1/2 inch Meter, 1 1/2 inch service


2 inch meter, 2 inch service


3 inch meter, 3 inch service



Meter size and type is determined by Suburban Water, Inc. Larger meters will be calculated at the time of application.


·        Material Provided by Suburban Water, Inc.

1.    Saddle, Corporation Stop, Meter Setter, Meter Pit, Ring/Lid, Tap on Water Main, and Water Meter.

·        Applicant shall provide a qualified contractor to perform all excavation, including exposing of Suburban’s Water Main, installation of all material provided by Suburban, expect the pipe saddle and tapping of the water main.


System Development Charge (SDC)

Growth pays for growth. The SDC compensates Suburban Water, Inc. for investments required in water supply, treatment, transmission and distribution facilities. The SDC is paid in addition to the New Service Connection Charge.

Any meter enlargement or meter type upgrade will be subject to an SDC equal to the difference in the current SDCs for the respective meter sizes and types. On multiple metered service connections, the SDC is based on the size and type of each individual meter. Meter sizes or types not listed below will be charged based on the standard meter capacity in gallons per minute (gpm) compared to the 5/8 inch displacement standard meter capacity.

Suburban Water, Inc. determines the most appropriate meter size and type based on the applicant's water usage characteristics and needs.

System Development Charges

Meter Size

Capacity (gpm) (See SDC Note)


5/8 inch



1 inch



1 and 1/2 inch



2 inch



3 inch



SDC Note
Meter capacities are based upon AWWA standards. Allowable flow rates could be higher based upon meter manufacturer. The SDC is based upon ratio of 5/8 inch meter at 20 gpm.

Fire Line Connection Charges

Includes Fire Line Valve, Tapping Sleeve, Tap by Suburban Water, Inc., $375 Plan Review Fee, and Overheads.

Fire Line Size

Estimated Fire Line Fee 

4 inches


6 inches


8 inches



Fire Flow Testing

Suburban Water will perform fire flow testing for fire line connections, $450.00 fire flow testing fee required.